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Hina Khan the TV actress was invited for Cannes festival 2019.

Being the one of the biggest and most prestigious event she wanted to look fabulous and stand out among the all so as to create an impression and drive attention of the crowd. So the decided she will meet all the best designers in India. But to her surprise she was denied by all the designers. The reason being these designers don’t design for TV actresses.

Somehow she managed to get hold of a designer and got a dressed made for herself. Although it wasn’t the best fit dressed she desired for and she had a self-realisation of the same. Some where she felt it lacked the grace and charm and that was putting her confidence down. But something happened which changed the entire scene.

This is the dress Hina Khan wore at Cannes

A guy approached her, who advised her look Hina, before you dress, do your makeup or your hair I want to tell you something, most important thing is confidence.

These are all French photographers they don’t know anything about any of the celebrities, they just know very few global celebrities, like Selena Gomez, they don’t care about what you’re wearing, and your make-up, their job is to take pictures, which they’ll do even if they don’t know any of these. You just have to walk in confidence, this way you can lure their attention, they’ll capture you more.

And guess what it worked beautifully well for here. The moment she entered the red carpet, fully confident, without thinking about her dress even for a second, she got so much attention from photographers, there were flashlights all over, it was a never ending photo-shoot, her assistants and managers literally had to take her from there!

She was critiqued, an editor said has Cannes become ChandiWala Studios, just because Hina was invited, according to them she’s just a TV actress and she doesn’t deserve to be there, but thankfully many celebs supported and appreciated her.

She really conquered the hearts of people, earlier Indian designers rejected her and after Cannes 2019, she gets offer from big designers all over the world! Atleast she’s a self made personality who reached there on her own.

Dressing off course matters but remember the confidence you wear and carry no designer can give it to you, it is priceless. Even a decent looking dress with right attitude and confident goes a long way as compared to wearing an expensive dress designed by a great designer with not so right body language having low confidence.

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