kamal hassan the superstar

The Unfortunate Superstar Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan The Superstar

Not so far ago, Kamal Haasan’s career in Bollywood was destroyed by powerful lobby of Hindi actors and underworld mafias. Because he was more than an actor and competent enough to kick out Bollywood superstars of those days and gave 4 back to back super hit movies in Hindi.

Had he been not restricted, he would have taken Indian cinema globally 40 years ago. Later he limited himself to budget constraint Tamil cinema and couldn’t kick off his ambitious projects.

Yesterday it was Kamal, SPB, KJ Yesudas, Chitra. Today it is AR Rahman. But thanks to internet and OTT platforms, we don’t need Bollywood to get global recognition anymore. Malayalam films are now watched by more number of Non-Malayalis than Malayalis. Content is the king.

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